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The Pine Creek Watershed Rivers Conservation Plan calls for cultural conservation in the form of Oral Histories - collecting the memories, experiences, and insights of persons long resident in or acquainted with the Pine Creek watershed.

The Watershed Council developed a large list of potential interview subjects. During 2006 as many as available funding from the Rivers Conservation Plan grant would allow were interviewed on and off camera. Their interviews provide a glimpse into many aspects of life in the watershed.

Future funding will allow additional acquisition of oral histories. The Council also seeks to encourage and inspire oral history collection in the watershed as part of regular academic programs at all levels.

Twenty-one persons were interviewed in this round, in a total of 18 interviews (some joint).

Interview Subjects
Louis Adams
George Ashley
Clinton Baker
Margaret “Peg” Berry
Chuck Broughton
Robert Currin
Diann Patterson DeCamp
Dr. George Durrwachter
Dr. Werner “Dutch” Fetter
Scott Gitchell
E. Neal Mack
Robert McCullough
Ralph Miller
George Pryslak
Elfriede Ruppert
Louise Campbell Davis Sample
Charlene Sawyer
Stephen Stone
Robert Ward
Robert Webber
Marvin Wolfe

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Please note: these interviews were shot in high definition. These video files have been downconverted from HD and are fairly large Windows Media Files. We are presenting the 2006 excerpts as an entire file (running time approximately 26 minutes) and broken into chapters for easier downloading. Each is offered in higher resolution (larger files, for broadband viewers) and lower resolution (for dial-up, although still sizable) versions.

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