Pine Creek and its watershed: unlike anywhere in the world.

UPDATE 2013 (12/20/2013)

The Pine Creek Watershed Rivers Conservation Plan (RCP) offers a plan for protecting the very things we find attractive, absorbing, and compelling about this area. The plan presents a non-regulatory, non-prescriptive framework for addressing issues the watershed faces. The RCP offers a wealth of good ideas for community groups to pursue and carry out.

You can become involved. “Management Options” explores the many ways you and your organization can help. You may already have a project underway that addresses one of these needs.

The plan was funded by Pennsylvania’s Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Community Conservation Partnership Program, specifically the Rivers Conservation Program. Endless Mountains Resource Conservation & Development Council administered and coordinated funding and communication.

Creating the RCP has forged bonds between professionals and public citizens in four counties, in a common goal of looking to the watershed’s future. The steering committee has resolved to stay together as the Pine Creek Watershed Council, supporting the plan’s implementation. The partnering organizations and advisory groups stand ready to cooperate on future endeavors. As an example, the Pine Creek Council of Governments enables citizens and municipalities to coordinate planning throughout the river corridor and its tributaries.

For Pine Creek is a river: the River of Pines. Tiadaghton.

The plan presents recommendations for helping a timeless resource withstand the pressures of time - and change.